We will raise awareness among the students as to the significance of healthy eating habits supported by physical activity and mindfulness. We will emphasize the consequences of unhealthy food and the lack of physical activity. Furthermore, we will help the students’ to change their perspectives and create a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Students will also find out how lifestyles differ from culture to culture in terms of recreational activities and nutrition. Improving the language skills of the pupils by communicating in English at all times is of paramount importance for both this project and indeed the students’ futures. Some of the concrete results we will achieve are establishing regular sports courses at the schools, as well as initiating a healthy week during every school year with healthy food. This will show the students that healthy food can taste good and they will also experience an increase in their ability to perform and focus. Extracurricular activities such as encouraging the older students to coach the younger pupils in basketball, football, yoga, dance and other activities will raise their levels of self-esteem. We are convinced that, by carrying out this project, the students’ competences in terms of project-work and social awareness, both locally and internationally, will improve. In addition, their appreciation for other cultures, customs and habits will create and reinforce the pupils’ European solidarity. When we have carried out the activities regarding physical activity, mental health and nutritious food we will see a change of climate in the schools. The students will be less likely to be aggressive, they will perform better and also feel happier in a safer and healthier school environment. Research clearly shows that mindfulness activities improve students’, as well as teachers’, ability to remain calm and remain focused even in stressful situations. This, of course, is essential to develop an environment in school that leads to more students reaching their goals while still feeling good about themselves. This will also lead to a healthier working situation for school staff.